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Default Evidence that Custom Cornea Really Is Better

Presenter: Steven Schallhorn, M.D.
AAO 2006 - Las Vegas

This presentation reviewed evidence that custom wavefront guided treatments really are better than conventional treatments. The first part showed key safety and effectiveness outcomes for FDA approved wavefront guided LASIK with myopia and astigmatism.

20/20 Vision was achieved at the following rate:

Alcon 54.8% conventional, 79.9% custom
Bausch and Lomb 53.3% conventional, 91.5% custom
Visx 54.2% onventional, 93.9% custom

Night glare problems: Laser, conventional, custom

Alcon, 5.9%, 0.0%
B/L, 11.1%, 3.5%
Visx, 27%, 0.4%

Night halos: Laser, conventional, custom

Alcon, 4.7%, 0.0%
B/L, 17.9%, 3.8%
Visx, 25%, 2.7%

Dr. Schallhorn urged caution when comparing the responses for night vision, because each laser manufacturer utilized a different questionnaire.

The presentation went on to make the statement that higher order aberrations have been shown to be associated with decreased night vision and subjective complaints after laser vision correction and that the key advantage of wavefront guided custom LASIK has that it induces fewer higher order aberrations than conventional treatments.
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