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Default Financing LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is usually not covered by insurance. It is considered an elective procedure and therefore does not fall under the required medical coverage. This can lead to frustration for those who can not afford to pay out of pocket for the procedure. Fortunately, surgeons realize this and have come up with solutions for those who can not afford to pay up front.

In the beginning LASIK surgery was very expensive. It was done by a select few doctors with incredibly expensive equipment. Today, though, there are countless numbers of LASIK surgeons and while they use expensive equipment, it is no where near what it used to be, cost wise. So, today, LASIK is far less expensive then it was in its early years.

Despite the fact that it is cheaper now then ever, LASIK is still expensive to someone who doesn’t have extra money just laying around. The actual cost of LASIK varies form doctor to doctor and region to region. The cots is usually based upon on the demand for the surgery, the surgeons experience and the type of equipment they use.

LASIK surgery financing is a popular option for surgeons. They extend credit to you and you make payments as you would with any credit account. This is an unsecured debt, though, so if you have bad credit or credit problems you will likely be unable to qualify for credit. Before you pass on the option, though, check around and see what you can find out. You may find financing for your surgery is easier to get than you thought.

LASIK surgery is elective and insurance companies will likely never pay for it. However, LASIK can change a person life. It can improve their vision far better than contacts and glasses ever could. That is why so many people are going through with LASIK and finding it is well worth the money spent.
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