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Default Different Types of LASIK

There are different types of LASIK surgery. Each uses a laser but with slight variations in the actual procedure. All are basically laser assisted surgeries, though. Some types of LASIK are better for certain people than others. You should ask your doctor about the different types of LASIK surgery to find the one that suits you best.

LASIK is Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK is where a flap it cuts in the cornea through the top layer and part of the middle layer and then a laser is used to reshaped the cornea. It is a relatively quick procedure.

LASEK is Laser Epithlial Keratomileusis. This is like LASIK, but the flap in cut only in the top layer of the cornea, not the mid section. It is good for people with cornea problems, like a thin or flat cornea. It is a newer procedure than LASIK and requires a longer healing time.

Epi-LASIK is where the cut is made as it was in LASEK except the surgeon uses an epikeratome, a special instrument, to cut the cornea. It helps to reduce pain and speed healing.

Bladeless LASIK is LASIK where a laser is used to cut the cornea flap. It is very comparable to LASIK with similar recover time. The benefit is the precision of the cut and the cut is cleaner.

Each type of LASIK will result in the same vision correction possibilities. It is really a matter of what procedure the doctor is skilled in and the equipment he has. One procedure may be better for certain patients than others, too. You should discuss any concerns with your doctor and perhaps he can offer you a choice between procedures or explain each one in depth to you so you can make an informed decision which one to go with.
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