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Default AAO / ISRS Beijing 2007 : MMC and LASEK Haze

Source: EyeWorld

Ronald Krueger, M.D., medical director, Refractive Surgery, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, and program director of the 2007 ISRS/AAO meeting held in Beijing, evaluated the efficacy of prophylaxis with low-dose (0.002%) mitomycin C (MMC) in reducing corneal haze after surface laser ablation. The dose is ten times lower than what Dr. Krueger initially used in his own practice.
MMC at any dose has been shown to significantly reduce corneal haze at all time-points of follow-up after LASEK, but a 10-fold reduction is desirable owing to the toxicity of the drug; MMC has been shown to cause keratocyte depletion.
Dr. Krueger found that while low-dose MMC was better than no MMC at all in terms of reducing and preventing corneal haze, a statistical difference was seen between low- and high-doses of MMC in patients who underwent laser ablation of more than 6 D, or greater than 75 microns.
Low-dose MMC therefore appears to be ideal for patients who undergo correction of less than 6 D or less than 75 microns while higher-doses seem better with greater degrees of ablation.
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