Realistic Prices in 2023

As discussed earlier, the cost of laser vision correction has steadily risen in recent years due to increased use of wavefront technology and the Intralase laser to create the corneal flap (IntraLASIK). In 2002, a leading industry survey revealed an average price of around $1550 per eye, and by late 2005, the average price had risen to just over $1950.

The effect of wavefront and Intralase technology is more evident when prices are stratified by procedure type:

Procedure TypeAverage Price Per EyeTypical Range Per Eye
Flapless$1750$1300 to $2200
Wavefront Flapless$2000$1650 to $2350
LASIK$1700$1250 to $2150
Wavefront LASIK$2050$1600 to $2500
IntraLASIK$2300$1700 to $2900
Wavefront IntraLASIK$2400$1850 to $2950

Flapless procedures are also known as surface ablation and encompass PRK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK.

IntraLASIK is the same as LASIK except the flap is created with the Intralase laser rather than with a microkeratome.

Wavefront treatments are also known as custom treatments.

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